Tiffany's Personal Favorite Photographs


Standing still in Ubud, Bali 5/2020

The insane views in Ubud, keeping me sane during uncertain times during Corona Virus pandemic.  I paused in my tracks and reminded myself everything is exactly how it is supposed to be. #LiveAmplified


Diamond Beach, Nusa Penida 2/2020

My eyes open so big as if diamonds were in front of me.  I thought to myself true natural beauty is the only way to live. I felt as if I was inside of the screen save of a computer. #LoveAmplified


Under the Sea in Nusa 2/2020

Seastar looking carnival stuffed animal resembling creature.  When I saw this scuba diving I immediately, said, "It's so freakin' cute."  #AnmialsAmplified


Looking for a Kola Bear in Sydney 3/2020

I walked circles around Sydney with my breath taken away each time I saw each view from different angles.  #TravelAmplified


Peaceful Ahipara, NZ 2/2020

Road tripping to sunsets. New Zealand stole my heart. #SunsetAmplified


Always a Loving Father

Miss you dad everyday.  Thank you for the memories and unconditional love #LaslowLives


Red Temple and a Sunset, Chang Rai, Thailand 1/2020

This temple was falling a part and being rebuild.  Nothing is perfect right, but can still be beautiful.  #LiveAmplified #LoveAmplified #SunsetAmplified


Borobudur Temple w/ No PEOPLE 2/2019

Perfect timing and perfect capture of the largest Buddhist temple in the world.  I screamed, "MONEY SHOT."  #LiveAmplified

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