Legend of the KamiLah – Book One




Legend Of the KamiLah

Blessed or cursed

Book One

By: J.M. Vrooman

The Egyptian god Amun has created the five elemental spirits from love. One elemental spirit will bless a worthy soul on their sixteenth birthday with elemental magic. Amun gained an immense amount of power from his worshipers. This made Seth, (the wicked god of the sky) jealous.

From Seth’s jealousy, he created five elemental demons and an evil spirit named Daeva to capture the souls of earth.

In order to bring balance back to the universe, Amun created the perfect soul. One who is Compassionate, Honorable, Ambitious, Courageous and Strong. He gave the name, ‘KamiLah’ to this perfect soul. After the KamiLah defeated Seth’s demons and evil spirit; she locked them away making their existence turn into a legend.

Seth vowed one day he would return to capture all souls. the Kamilah will reincarnate and always be there to defend the world from Seth’s wickedness.


Today is Jade Pamal’s sixteenth birthday. Jade is scheduled to take her elementas test today to see whether or not she will be blessed by one of the five elemental spirits. If she is blessed, then she will be attending Fennec School for Elementals as her parents did before her. If no elemental spirit chooses her, then she will continue to live an extraordinary life as a natural. Little does she know that her destiny has already been chosen for her.


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