A Travel Tribute

Laslow Lives

What does “#LaslowLives” mean? Tiffany say’s this often while she is living amplified. Tiffany always remembers her father in her everyday living experiences. Whenever she does something realizing her father would be doing this with her if he was still alive. She screams, “Laslow Lives,” and eventually came up with her own mantra, “Live Amplified”. Before Tiffany bungee jumps or jumping out of airplanes she says, “Laslow Lives.” Sometimes Tiffany will just be doing something simple as sitting on the beach during sunset and she’ll place flowers in the water and say it with an expression of gratitude. Tiffany often travels back to the places where her and her dad had the best times. Her eyes always start watering when she goes to Yankee Stadium and Frank Sinatra’s song starts playing, “New York, New York.” She automatically starts dancing, but her heart starts hurting. Tiffany’s father was always on the go with her. He was actually forcing her to travel even when she just wanted to stay home play with barbies. Tiffany eventually got use to the travel life, because it was a breath of fresh air. Tiffany’s father, Freddy, got the nickname Laslow from the movie, “Casa Blanca” Humphrey Bogart played the role of Laslow. Freddy’s favorite movie, because it is a vintage classic. Obviously, the definition is easy for lives. Freddy lived every moment to the fullest without any judgements and truly loved Tiffany unconditionally. Whenever Freddy met anyone passing through different cities he would laugh and smile leaving with a fist pump and say, “Laslow Lives.” Tiffany’s father was in a tragic accident riding his bicycle in Flagler Beach, Florida. Tiffany was with her father the day before celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Savannah, Georgia. Tiffany also spoke with her father moments before the accident. A piece of Tiffany’s heart is in heaven and she is forever grateful for all the memories. Tiffany and her dad did many road trips and even took a train across the United States of America. Tiffany’s dad loved sports. You can always find Freddy at a sporting event smoking a cigar. One of Tiffany’s favorite memories of her and her dad was when they went to the, “12/12/12”, concert in Manhattan, New York. It was a benefit concert for Hurricane Sandy. They were actually spotted on television, while the Rolling Stones were playing groovy tunes and making everyone shake their hips at Madison Square Garden.


Tiffany’s dad is truly her legend without him she would have never had the chance to live this life the way she is living. He really taught her how to live in the moment and make the best of every situation. Now, he is her guardian angel and she will never forget him. Their bond is still unbreakable. In remembrance of the Laslow spirit, Tiffany got a puppy and named her Laslow. Laslow is full of life, joy and love. The name fits her perfectly. To give it more of a girlish name Tiffany often calls her Laslolita. Tiffany and Laslow have had some amazing adventures. Soon they will be off to Australia living the van life together and exploring another part of the world.