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Totally Tiff:

Tiffany Love is an international travel influencer and business owner of the Amplified Network. She was born in San Diego, California, but has lived in several places around the world. She is obviously addicted to traveling. Traveling started early for her. Tiff’s first flight by herself was when she was five years old. She often refers to the airplane as her home, because up so high is where she belongs. Tiffany’s energy is strong with love and positivity. She loves helping people and uplifting their spirits. It a natural way of her smile and laugh. Tiffany Love definitely loves her beach days and chasing sunsets around the world. Tiffany’s role model is her father and Princess Diana. Tiffany would watch Princess Diana as a kid on television as her dad would get his cup of coffee in the morning. She keeps both of these angels very close to her heart, because it keeps her going to keep loving. Tiffany’s love for the ocean is intense and co-insides with her spirituality. Tiffany wants to influence people not only to travel, but to be better individuals, then we will have better communities, cities, provinces, and countries. Her dreams will come true of world peace. Tiffany wants to be a role model for anyone who needs one. She knows how it feels to feel alone. She wants people to live amplified through; traveling, music, food, healthy life style with love. Lil Wayne says, "YOLO". Tiffany Love always hash tags her social media posts #LiveAmplified. Love is respect. Love is kind. Tiffany Love’s YOU! ((xoxo))

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Tiffany Martinez


Citizenship: United States

Skype: CaliforniaLove516

WeChat: iliveamplified

Whatsapp: +1(808)431-1992

Gender: Female

Birthdate: 6/26/1987

Objective: Travel the world, network, and capture every moment.


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Proud US Army Veteran